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Culture mode of Tilapia

2020-09-17 15:22:06

Tilapia is a kind of fish that we often eat in our life, and the cultivation area of tilapia is very large in our country. The taste of tilapia is also very delicious, no matter what kind of cooking, can retain its flavor. And tilapia is rich in protein and various vitamins, so the area of tilapia culture is also growing. So how to raise tilapia? What are the breeding patterns? Let's have a look at it!

1. Pond culture

Pond culture is one of the most common tilapia culture mode. The people should choose the place with leeward and sunny, sufficient water source, quiet and pollution-free. According to the quantity of aquaculture, the area of the pond should be controlled, the pond should be disinfected completely, and then the sludge should be put into the pond, and then the farm manure should be applied, and then all kinds of breeding equipment such as aerator should be equipped. When the temperature is stable around 15 degrees in spring, the fry can be released. Generally, the stocking number of tilapia should be controlled at about 2000, and then a small amount of silver carp should be mixed. Then we should do a good job in feeding and management, observe the growth of fish, do a good job in changing water, preventing diseases and increasing oxygen.

2. Rice farming

Rice farming is also a common farming mode in rural areas. First of all, the paddy field should be selected, and then after the rice field work is completed, the field should be completely disinfected half a month before the fish fry are released, and the fertilizer and water should be cultivated a week ago to promote the growth of natural food. Then after a week or so after rice transplanting, fish fry can be released. Fry should be strong, vigorous, no wound, and size difference is not big. According to the environment of paddy field, the quantity of stocking should be controlled and the fry should be disinfected before stocking. In general, there is no need to feed bait, and it can be raised when rice is harvested.

3. Cage culture

Cage culture is a new fish culture mode in recent years. When tilapia is cultured in net cage, it can be raised alone or mixed. Different from pond and rice farming, cage culture of tilapia should maintain a larger size, because the cage culture of tilapia has less space for growth. Therefore, the specification of fish species should be kept at about 30g, and then sufficient dissolved oxygen should be ensured, because tilapia can not float head in cage culture. Finally, it is necessary to control the breeding density, not too close, otherwise it will affect the survival rate of tilapia.

4. Mariculture

Aquaculture is also one of the main modes of tilapia factory culture. The aquaculture pond should not be too large, generally controlled at about 40 square meters, and the oxygen content in the water should be consistent with the cage culture as much as possible. Different from other aquaculture modes, the choice of bait is very important, and the full price bait should be the main one. The protein content in the food should not be less than 3 / 10. Then feed at least 5 times a day according to the weight of tilapia. It should not be too much, and the residual bait should be fished out in time to avoid deterioration and affect the growth of tilapia.

The above is a brief introduction of several tilapia breeding modes. Tilapia culture mode is very many, each kind of culture pattern has the different merit and the shortcoming, mainly depends on everybody's culture custom and the environment and so on each kind of factor. Today's introduction is here, this article is for reference only, hope to help you oh!